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A trip to Sasamat Lake with my drone

I've been worried that coming into Fall/Winter that I wouldn't get to bring my drone out as much because of the weather and well because it's just not as beautiful outside. I was wrong about one of those things. It sure has rained a lot and that's a definite no for flying, but as far as it being less beautiful outside, I was very wrong. I will never get tired or seeing the leaves change colour, mist gather on mountains and the rain hit off the trees. BC is incredibly beautiful in every season and right now I feel that this weather makes it even more interesting to explore and photograph. So that's what brought me to Sasamat Lake. After visiting there a few times in the Summer I thought I'd drop in and see how it looked and it really is a beautiful sight.

I really wish I'd have spent more time taking footage. I'd have liked more close up shots and a few very distant shots from high up. I feel like there's no imagery to understand the scale and size of the lake and also there's no real personal vibe. But I'm still learning so hopefully I remember what I've learned here for the next time.

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sasamat lake port moody bc

sasamat lake port moody bc

sasamat lake port moody bc

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sasamat lake port moody bc

sasamat lake port moody bc drone phantom dji

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A Weekend in Vancouver

hacksaw-ridge-poster-vancouverLast Thursday I got an invite to watch one of the first screenings of a movie called Hacksaw Ridge. At first the title didn't ring any bells, but once I heard who directed it I remembered reading an interesting article about how it has changed Hollywood's perception of Mel Gibson. After Gibson's racist outbursts around a decade ago he kinda got put on the naughty list. The list that means nobody in Hollywood will work with you or fund your movies. But here we are in 2016 and all seems to be forgiven. This inspiring, epic, heroic.. masterpiece.. will churn your stomach and reduce you to tears. The movie is based upon true events and will tug at every emotion. If you only watch one movie this year, make it this one. Big thanks to Elevation Pictures and NEWS1130 for the tickets!

Friday night was a weird one. I DJ a 90s night in Downtown and it's always super busy, but this weekend was Halloween! Unfortunately Halloween lands on a Monday, so when do people decide to go party.. on Monday? Well everyone has work that day and the following day, so that's doubtful. Maybe Saturday? Well that sucks because it means Friday won't be busy. Or do they party the whole weekend? Well as it turns out everyone parties at different times. Vancouver doesn't have the biggest party scene in Canada that's for sure, but it sure does have it's moments, this Halloween wasn't one of them. The weekend really just showed a thin spread of Halloween party goers span out across the whole weekend and it didn't really blow up at any point.

Norma Bates at Trolls in Horseshoe Bay - Screenshot courtesy of A&E Network
Norma Bates at Trolls in Horseshoe Bay - By A&E Network

The next day I went for a drive to Horseshoe Bay. I've been here a lot, in fact it's the first place I ever visited outside of Vancouver when I first arrived. A few months back I seen Bates Motel set up for a shoot at Troll's Restaurant and ever since then that's where I go to eat when at Horseshoe Bay. Lame? A little bit, but I do love Bates Motel as you probably know if you have been near my Instagram. Saturday Evening I went to see the Canucks take on the Washington Capitals with my new friend Farouk (My buddies father, a 50 something year old from Baghdad, we've a lot in common). We got some pretty sweet seats close to the action and spent $5 on a bottle of water. The scores didn't really reflect the game tbh, final score was 5-2 to Caps, but it was a good game to watch and it's always exciting being in the arena.

Bates Motel Photo by Panicdots
Drone shot of Bates Motel - Photo by Panicdots

Sundays here aren't like Sundays at home, it's not a day of rest. Granted it is a bit more chilled out as everyone is going back to work the next day, but it's not like at home where all the stores are closed and eating out and entertainment is very limited. So I decided to take my drone out for a fly at Sasamat Lake. I rented a car, packed all my shit together and stopped at Timmy's for coffee. That's me locked, loaded and ready for a fun flight with El Taco (El Taco is the name of my drone, also known as T-bird). I got to Sasamat lake and pop open my backpack and to my horror I have forgotten to bring my battery. I felt ashamed of myself, how could I be so stupid? I quickly Google to find the nearest Best Buy and there's one close. I battle with my conscious about paying $200 for another battery or just going. And even if I get a new battery will it have any charge in it? I arrived at Best Buy and I bought the battery. This day might not be wasted. It all depends on on whether the battery comes charged or not. I ripped open the box and peeled away the protective foam that hugs the battery. Now to test it.. it's dead. Game over. It was time to go home. Everything sucks.  All is lost in the world.. until I seen this on Hastings and everything made sense. As one door closes another door opens. It's a godamn real life Bob's Burgers. I'm going today for something and I can not wait!

vancouver bobs burgers what up hot dog
The Real "Bob's Burgers" on Hastings - Photo by Panicdots