I hope I’m preaching to the choir here and you’ve already watched this outstanding TV series. Ozark is a relatively new Netflix original, released 3 or 4 weeks ago) starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney along with a super solid cast that fits together nicely, which you can check out on IMDB.

Meet the Byrde family

Let me introduce you to the Byrde’s, a family living in Chicago. Mother and Father, Marty and Wendy and their teenage son, Jonah, and older teenage daughter, Charlotte. They seem to have a comfortable life regarding their health and wealth, but there’s a dark secret that laces the whole season regarding the relationship with the mother and father. Marty (Bateman) has caught his wife cheating on him with a wealthy businessman, and although he has caught he is aware of the cheating, he does not confront her about it, in fact, he becomes obsessed with a sex video that he found of them and finds himself nonchalantly watching it. This is only the beginning of the some very interesting character traits. The kids, don’t seem to have many issues at all, not yet, some do develop later on in the season, which i need to avoid because of spoilers.

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The Byrde family in Ozark

The setting, Ozark MO

The family soon find themselves moving to Ozark, Missouri, a real place an 8-hour drive from Chicago (I’m that boring that I googled it). A secluded town, basically in the middle of nowhere, my guess is it’s a holiday destination for boaters, hunters, and campers. It’s a beautiful place with rolling landscapes and lakes and rivers that you want to throw your floaties into and jump in! But, once Summer is over then it’d be rather grim. So why move to Ozark?

Why tho?

Moving to Ozark wasn’t an option, it was a decision made by Del. Del is a cartel boss that Marty and his business partner got mixed up with back in Chicago. Which brings us to what business we are dealing with, money laundering. Bateman plays a man with a great set of skills. He has a vast knowledge of the financial law and is a numbers wizard, not Rainman wizard, but close. It’s becoming difficult to not give away any spoilers, but hopefully, if you’ve got this far you’re convinced to watch this mini series and I haven’t bored you into deleting your Netflix account. I shall continue. So Cartel boss, Del, has sent Marty and his family to small town, Ozark, to launder 8 million dollars. Marty has to balance this new work life with his family life, but it’s not long before they become tangled together creating some bleak, but thrilling stories.

Ozark season 2
Jason Batmen playing Marty Byrde in Ozark

Dark Characters

I don’t think I’m doing a great job of making this sound as interesting as it actually is. Although Marty is totally dead inside, his battle to keep the cartel off his back and save his family from harm is inspiring. The story lines are laced with murder, cheating, sex, money, drugs and all the good stuff. The characters are evil, murdering, scum, thieves… does all that help make it sound better? From a rogue, unhinged, FBI agent to the pregnant strippers to the rednecks raising bobcats, this story has been crafted to thrill you and keep you pressing play next episode. Please ignore everything boring from this blog post because it’s not boring, it’s one of Netflix’s best exports.


Watch it.

Update: Ozark just got renewed for a second season.


Check out the teaser below.