Welcome back, me.

After a two year hiatus, I’ve decided to start my blogging again. I’m sure you… is there even anyone still there? If there is, then great, I love the idea of someone reading and enjoying the content that I post, but if there’s nobody there, well I guess that’s okay too.. I guess any blog is first and foremost about having somewhere to write your thoughts and create content that makes you happy. Hopefully other people find it interesting, I know I do and that’s why I do it. Where was I? Ohh yes… I’m sure you are super excited for life right now that panicdots has returned.

So a two year hiatus, a lot has happened in two years. I now live in the beautiful province of British Columbia in Canada. In particular the city of Vancouver. I’ve been here for slightly over two years and only yesterday I received the news that I will be getting permanent residency. That’s a massive deal and it’s crazy how lucky I am that Canada wants me, it feels pretty awesome. I think this is partly the reason why I started my blog back today. It very comforting to know my future is safe here in Canada.

I think this time “panicdots” will be a lot different than before. Right now I’m really into creating content with my camera and my quad-copter so I really want to post that and I managed to get invited to a private screening of Mel Gibson’s “Hacksaw Ridge” tonight so I really want to blog about that. Really there’ll be no theme, but everything will be from me and my experience. So photos, videos, words used will be mine unless stated. I should also take this opportunity to remind everyone, if you hadn’t noticed already, that I’m a terrible writer. My spelling, grammar, punctuation and everything else is pretty weak. I’m not here to win writing awards, I’m just enjoying myself.

On that note, I will go and make some tea, watch House (is Wilson going to die?) and then sleep.

(Header photo is from outside my apartment in West End)

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Irish bloke living in Canada. I do design and marketing by day and I explore at night.. and watch a lot of TV. And I'm a big fan of food.. and beer.

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  • crapnurse

    in cyberspace someone is always listening,welcome back ya schmuck(canuck now)

    • richard.crothers@gmail.com

      Hahah thank you! It’s nice to be doing this again. I’m glad you’re still out here in the interwebs! Nice pun… hahaha