Panicdots vancouver

A long time ago on Earth I started a music podcast dedicated to Northern Irish music, it went by the name of NIpodcast. It was a big success, probably due to it being the first of it’s kind. One thing lead to another and it became an online blog too, so the “podcast” bit of the name didn’t really fit what was happening. I didn’t want to lose the name NI Podcast so a friend suggested to jumble all the letters of NIpodcast up and the best anagram of that was “Panic Dots”.

Over the 7/8 years Panic Dots changed and now I moved from Northern Ireland to Canada. I got super busy with work and my time online is limited. The site began to gather dust and became stale so I closed it and deleted all the content. Drastic huh? Not really, the site was still getting so many hits a month that it was costing too much money just to sit there and do nothing so I had to end it. RIP.

Now I have my Instagram and some other links here just as my own personal site. If you ever want me I’ll be hanging around Downtown Vancouver drinking the best beers on the planet, DJing at bars and searching for bears or alternatively you can use the contact page right here on the site.

Edit: (Oct/28/2016) I made a new blog post.. so I guess I’m blogging again, but this time it’s not about hits and shares. It’s just for fun 🙂